Whether you are new to faith or want to give special attention to a specific area of life, our seasonal groups are here to serve your needs.  Each group is designed to last for a short number of weeks to help you grow in a unique way.


What is Alpha?  Alpha is a series of interactive sessions that explore the basics of the Christian faith.

It allows anyone to explore life, faith and God in a friendly open and informal environment.  In each session there’s food, a short video talk and small group discussions.  Dinner is included and child care is also available.


GriefShare is an 10-week biblically-based grief support group for those seeking support, comfort, and healing for past or current loss of a loved one through death.

*Next Session Begins Fall 2021


This is a life-changing seminar and retreat experience to build a strong personal foundation for discipleship, healing, freedom and action in daily life.  You will learn and apply Godly prayer-based tools, spiritual principles & practices to enable you to deal with life issues, no matter how difficult or challenging they appear to be.

You will receive support, guidance and prayer from several leaders trained and experienced in the Cleansing Stream prayer ministry.  Finally, these experiences will help equip you for future ministry both in the church and to the community.

For more info on Cleansing Stream, check out the ministry website.


DivorceCare is a 12 week group that offers help and support to those recovering from the trauma of divorce and separation.

DivorceCare strives to offer a biblical approach to divorce, separation, and other related challenges such as remarriage, forgiveness, reconciliation, loneliness, and the effects of divorce on children and families.

*Next Session Begins Fall 2021


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