When you are hurting, it is difficult to focus on anything other than the pain.

Whether it is a conflict in your marriage, an addiction, a death in the family, or another emotionally difficult issue, life can quickly become unmanageable on your own. 

Our Care Network is here to help in those seasons when you need someone to lean on.

Care Team

We all have seasons of life where even the basics can be difficult to manage. Our Care Team is comprised of individuals who are available to help on a short-term basis with meals. If you or someone you know is in need of help from the Care Team, please call the church office at

519-652-1026 or complete the form below and we will be in touch.



We all need a concerned, caring friend at difficult times in our lives. A One to One Partner can listen and care for you or for someone you know who is going through a difficult time. One to One Partners are members of New Hope who are trained and organized to provide quality, confidential care to individuals in our congregation and community. This team of skilled caregivers are equipped to bring Christ's healing love to those who are grieving, in crisis, or experiencing other stresses of life. 


Become a one to one partner

Would you like to be part of a team that makes a real difference in others' lives when they need it most? Consider becoming a One to One Partner.

One to One Partners are members of our congregation who provide one-to-one care for those experiencing grief, divorce, loneliness, job loss, hospitalization, and many other life difficulties. One to One Partner training equips our partners to do an excellent job as well as to improve the quality of all partner relationships.

Once equipped, each One to One Partner is prayerfully matched with someone who is going through a stressful time or life difficulty. Partners meet with their care receivers once a week for about an hour to listen, care, encourage, and pray. The One to One Partner brings Christ's presence into the care receiver's life and also experiences Christ themselves. It really is life changing for both the care receiver and the partner.

The One to One Partner application is available for download below or can be picked up at the Info Centre. Please return your completed application to the church office or email it to



When we have emotional needs, we can usually lean on friends, family members, or a community group. Sometimes, however, problems become more complicated and we need the guidance of a professional. We have partnered with Focus on the Family who have registered, professional counselors who are committed Christians with ministry experience. 

If a free, one-time consultation would be helpful for you, please call 1-800-661-9800 (Monday-Friday between

8 a.m. - 4 p.m. PT) and ask to speak to the counseling assistance who will arrange a time for you to speak with a counselor.

ready to wed

We cannot guarantee that Ready to Wed will take all the challenges out of your wedding or your marriage, but it is a great place to start on preparing your hearts and relationship for happily ever after. That being said, Ready to Wed will not keep you from forgetting your anniversary, thaw all the icy silences, or make your spouse alphabetize the shoes in your closet. But it will help you understand why you are getting married, how to stay that way, and how to enjoy it to the fullest. That is because you will learn what is vital to a healthy relationship, keys to working out your difference, and what God considers most important in "holy matrimony."